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Girls Party in Edmonton and EMR

  • 20500

Birthday Party Hosting: 1 hour

Recommended age: 6 to 12 years old

Girls Party includes:

  • Zoum Zoum Party invitations

  • Creation of 3 eco friendly, take-home, cosmetic products

  • Great quality natural products

  • Energetic presenters that are sure to make your child feel special!

Your daughter feels like having some BFF time to create memories and have fun? Here’s the perfect party for your little princess!

Originality, fun and discovery of the senses are what you will get with our awesome Girls Birthday! Your daughter wants to invite 8 or 12 of her BFF’s? Perfect! Let us charm them with the creation of our natural cosmetic products. In the 60 minutes of our basic party package, the girls create 3 eco friendly cosmetic products. If you want the party to last, you can choose amongst our add-ons that will allow for more creation fun.

More about this party ...Here is a complete description of our quality cosmetic products: 


Bath time will never have been this fun, as your princess will be eager to use her own soap. The birthday girl and her friends each make 2 glycerine soaps and choose their fragrances amongst the essential oils presented. Our quality products are safe for your treasure’s skin!*


Your party is transformed into a scientific lab! As the girls prepare their bath bomb, their experience goes beyond as they learn the science behind this fizzy formula! Our natural ingredients will make for an aromatic bath time!  


Plain old lip balm has a new friend in town: The lava gloss! This new generation lip gloss is carefully elaborated in a roll-on bottle perfect for the girls to bring along! This cosmetic will fast become a favorite!

* the use of your microwave is required

Amazing upgrades to chose from!

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