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Birthday Party Hosting: 1 hour

Recommended age: 5 to 12 years old

Science Party includes:

  • Zoum Zoum Party invitations

  • 4 cool take-home experiments

  • A unique and interactive concept with an exciting line-up of hands-on experiments

  • Energetic presenters that are sure to make your child feel special!

Birthday guests be ready to be dazzled by the infinite universe of science! Party goers discover the little Einstein in them and get inspired with a bunch of cool hands-on experiments. Our energetic presenters are specifically trained to engage children between ages of 4 and 12 years old. Their professionalism and energy will result in pure enjoyment for the children!

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Movie producers are awesome at making us scream! Kids don’t be alarmed; movies have cool special effects to make us believe the unbelievable! Allow your child and party guests to go behind the scenes and explore special effects. This experiment teaches you how to make the coolest and most realistic finger ever!


Look no further! You’ve found the best party slime EVER! Moist, cottony and soft, your kids will have never seen this kind of slime! The party goers will mix a special powder with water to create a magical reaction! A fluffy snow appears and the children use this snow to create the coolest slime ever!


These vinyl sticky hands are cool! Colourful, glittery and viscous kids will enjoy trying their hands at seeing what they can pick up with these sticky hand toys. The kids will test their speed and dexterity in a friendly race of catching small objects. Fun for everyone!


Well rounded and full of energy, the super popper POPS with high and surprising intensity! As energy is accumulated in its globe and the space become limited, all is released with a startling bounce! The perfect way to leap to the birthday cake!



GLOW IN THE DARK SLIME (adds 15 minutes to the party) 

What's cooler than slime? Glow in the dark slime!  Your birthday child will be the most popular kid in school as all the party goers will make their very own glow in the dark slime! Regular slime by day, but shiny and bright by night, bed time will never be this easy! Adds 15 minutes to the party.

Glow in the dark slime for birthday parties

MAKE YOUR OWN BOUNCY BALL (adds 15 minutes to the party) 

Kids jump for joy as they create their own bouncing ball! This small semi-solid, half-liquid polymer offers a rebound of fun to the birthday child and party goers! Adds 15 minutes to the party.

Bouncy ball for kids birthday parties

MAKE YOUR UV BEADS BRACELET (adds 15 minutes to the party) 

UV beads are special beads that are transparent and change colour when in contact with the UV rays of the sun! The children have a unique chance of making themselves a bracelets with our special beads!  This bracelet is not only pretty but very practical also! As the children wear it outside, if their beads change colour, then they know they must put sunscreen to protect their skin! More the beads' colours get darker, the stronger the UV rays are! 

UV bracelets for kids parties

SPARKLE TATTOOS (adds from 30 to 60 minutes to the party) 

Watch as the children's faces light up with these beautiful and colourful sparkle tattoos! A glitter tattoo is a creative combination of a dermatological safe body glue & multiple colours of glitter. The tattoo is temporary and will last 3 to 7 days, but can be removed easily if required. Different stencils are provided for girls and boys!

Sparkle tattoos for kids birthday parties


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