Citronelle the Witch by video chat


Available Now!

*** We use the ZOOM application to make the video messaging ***

Duration of the virtual animation : about 30 minutes

Recommended age : 2 to 6 years old

Your child will be surprised when they have their private Halloween animation video call!
Children will be fascinated by Citronelle the kind Witch who practices her magic formulas, but who sometimes makes mistakes which gives funny and unexpected results!

Included in the animation with Citronelle the Witch :

  • ZOOM communication of about 30 minutes
  • A facilitator with a lot of experience!
  • Colorful costume!
  • Our witch is chatting with the children!
  • Reading a witch's tale!
  • Little mysterious magic trick
  • Making a real magic potion in front of your eyes!

Fun for the whole family!