Clown Party with Lazlo


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Duration of the birthday animation : 60 minutes

Recommended age : 1 to 8 years old

Do you want to laugh? Does your child like to play the fool? Here is a fun formula for your child's party. With Lazlo the Clown, fun and laughter are on the menu!

Included in the Clown party animation with Lazlo :

  • Zoum Zoum Party invitations
  • For children 8 and under
  • A professional animator with more than 5 years of experience!
  • Special balloons for the birthday party
  • Fun show that will make the whole family laugh!

The friendly Clown Lazlo with his sneer and improviser side will surprise you by starting with a clown nose giving for all at the start of the meeting with Lazlo! Children can release their energy with several fun activities during the animation, and without forgetting his sense of humor will win your heart.

  • Clown noses for all!
  • Super event with a parachute
  • Tug of war as a team, who will win?
  • Long jump activity to burn off their energy
  • Balloon sculpture for all children

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