Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Party with Chamelea Science Center


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Duration of the animation:

Duration of the animation: 60 minutes

 Recommended age: 10 to 12 years old 

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Party includes:

  • Up to 16 kids
  • At your home or at a location of your choice
  • 60 minute of thrilling and enriching science program 
  • All supplies provided
  • Professional, dedicated and enthusiastic Chamelea scientist to make the process fun and engaging
  • Set up before and clean-up after the party


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a detective? With the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) party, you and your party guests get to solve a perplexing mystery by discovering secret clues to try and investigate the motives of cunning suspects.  There are scientific techniques at work - biochemistry and molecular biology - for you to uncover solutions to baffling mysteries.  This will be a party you will never forget!!

*Scenarios vary depending on the age of the birthday child.  

A professional, dedicated, and enthusiastic Chamelea scientist will add fun and excitement to the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) party.  The scientist will set-up and clear up after the party. They are there to assist, teach and ensure that each child enjoys their exciting and thrilling science experience!

The party begins with an exciting scenario of a thief who stole the birthday child's Pizza. Throughout the party, the partygoers will have to investigate the crime scene and discover who stole the pizza! 

Every child receives an evidence bag containing an exciting line-up of CSI activities:

  • Partygoers will have to determine whether the blood left at the crime scene is real blood or not! 
  • Powder was left at the crime scene! With a fun experiment on chemical reactions, children will uncover what this powder is!
  • A note was left at the crime scene and the children will have to use their new detective skills to discover who wrote the note
  • Once the crime is resolved children also learn how to create fingerprints!

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Upon reservation with Chamelea Science Center, you can always add-on to your party! 

  • 15$ for each additional child
  • 6.25$ Loot Tubes (loot bag kits with simple DIY experiment... Snow and grow ghost crystals)
  • 25$ Dry Ice 


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