Outer Space Explorer Party with Chamelea Science Center


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Recommended age: 7 to 9 year old 

Chamelea Science Center Outer Space Explorer Party includes:

  • Up to 16 kids
  • At your home or at a location of your choice
  • 60 minute of thrilling and enriching program that takes you on a journey of the Universe
  • All supplies provided
  • Professional, dedicated and enthusiastic Chamelea scientist to make the process fun and engaging
  • Set up before and clean-up after the party
  • Parents can relax and watch their children have fun and learn at the same time


Have ever wondered what it would be like to stand on the surface of Jupiter? Well, now you can!! Learn all about our amazing planets and the science of the solar system. Uncover the deep secrets of the universe as you undertake a journey into space in the Outer Space Explorer party.

Embark on your adventure into a Martian World and learn to look at our solar system from a different perspective.  You may meet some aliens along the way and even make your own alien slime!!! It's all about some "extra-terrestrial" fun!!

A professional, dedicated and enthusiastic Chamelea scientist will add fun and excitement to the Outer Space Explorer party.  They will set-up and clear up after the party. They are there to assist, teach and ensure that each child enjoys exploring the science of our solar system.

During this fun and educational party, partygoers will travel around our solar system with amazing and interactive science experiments. 

  • The children discover low-gravity with an exciting experiment! 
  • Radiations play a big role in our solar system. As children navigate through the planets, they get to learn more about these radiations.
  • Many volcanos make up the majestic Venus planet, children will be able to recreate a Venus volcano! 
  • As we travel to the most know planet that is Mars, the children can manipulate and experiment with sand from Mars! 
  • This wonderful party ends with an out of this world experiment as they create snow from Jupiter!

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    Upon reservation with Chamelea Science Center, you can always add-on to your party! 

    • 15$ Lab coat and goggles
    • 10$ for each additional child
    • 5.25$ Loot Tubes (loot bag kits with simple DIY experiments within)
    • 5$ Dry Ice 



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