At-home Birthday Party with ASH from POKEMON Gift(Toronto and GTA)


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🌟 Ready to Embark on a Pokemon Adventure with Ash? Here's the Buzz! 🎉

💌 Pokemon Trainer Confirmation: Get ready for a Pokemon-packed celebration! Once your reservation is secured, anticipate a confirmation email soaring into your inbox. If our schedule is bustling, worry not! We'll reach out within 24 to 48 working hours by phone or text. It's like receiving a message from your favorite Pokemon Trainer, Ash! 📲✨

🎈 Pokemon Adventure Countdown: Hold off on those invites for just 2 days! We want to ensure all the Pokemon stars align before you spread the birthday joy. Keep the excitement buzzing! ⚡️🎉

🎂 Pokemon Pro Tips:

Pokemon Party Hosting: Gear up for a Pokemon-themed 60 minutes of pure adventure!

Recommended Ages: Pokemon enthusiasts aged 4 to 99 are in for an incredible journey with Ash! 🌈🎉

🌈 "Ash's Pokemon Party Palooza: Gotta Catch 'Em All!" 🎉🎂

Step into the Pokemon Trainer world with our Ash-themed birthday party! Join us for a day of Pokemon adventures, games, and laughter as we celebrate your child's special day the Pokemon way!

At-home birthday party with an Ash from Pokemon Gift includes:

👾 Unleash the magic with an epic visit from the one and only Ash accompanied    by Pokemon excitement!
👾 A  party host bringing years of thrilling experience! 
👾 Get ready for an immersive experience with a quality and colorful costume!
👾 Dive into a world of endless fun with a variety of games and activities specially crafted for the young adventurers.
👾 Printable Zoum Zoum Party birthday invitations 

    Description of the at-home Party with an Ash from Pokemen Gift 

    Get ready for a Pokemon adventure as Ash himself arrives to enchant the kids at your doorstep!

    Here's a sneak peek at the activities during the party:

    Pokemon Training: Are the kids ready for an intense hour of superhero training? Children will participate in various activities like:

    • Obstacle races
    • Learning safe acrobatic moves
    • Team-building exercises
    • Coloring pages signed by your Ash 

    After the training, we completed the celebration with taking group pictures and individual pictures.


    It's time for the special announcement where the birthday kid gets the superhero certificate and activity book gift!

    Ash didn't forget to bring a little surprise for all the kids! He offers all children a personal coloring page signed by no other than Ash himself!


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