Magician Birthday Party With Strange Max The Magician


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Duration of the birthday animation : 60 minutes

Recommended age : 7 years old and older

Magic show filled with humor and featuring a variety of magic tricks such as Cards, Coins, Scarves, Ropes, Magician's Hat, Wand, Snake, and most notably Rubik Cube.

Included in Strange Max the Magician Party:

  • An interactive magic show of more than 15 magic tricks
  • 60 minutes show
  • A dynamic and impressive young magician
  • Show for 20 participants or less (including adults present)
  • Can be presented in French or English
  • Zoum Zoum Party invitations


 The show is made up of fifteen magic tricks suitable for children aged 7 and over. Parents will also be able to enjoy the show!

The young and dynamic Strange Max is suffering from autism spectrum (Asperger). He has a phenomenal memory and incredible intelligence which proves that autism is not a weakness but a real strength! His great passion for Rubik's cubes makes his magic show unique. His passion is contagious!

**At the end of the show, The Strange Magician Max teaches the children 2 magic tricks. The two magic tricks are given to each child as gifts to take home. 

** It is possible to have a show for 20 people or more. Please contact our offices for more information.


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