Superhero virtual birthday party with Spider- Man by video chat


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*** We can use Facetime, Zoom, Teams or Messenger video for the virtual party ***

Birthday party hosting duration: 30 minutes

Recommended age: 4 to 9 years

Your child will be speechless that their favorite superhero is on a video call with him!

Included in the virtual animation Superhero party with Spider-Man:

  • Communication by video chat for 30 minutes
  • Our superhero is there for the birthday child and his close family!
  • A superhero with a lot of experience!
  • High quality suit
  • The birthday child will do a superhero training!
  • And all together we sing Happy Birthday to the birthday child!

Unfolding of the virtual party

1) Introduction and meet and greet
2) educational speech on what to eat to have muscles like superheroes
3) Exercise is important too so after a little warm up we do an exercise program(age appropriate)
4) We read a Spiderman pop up book which shows Spiderman's origins and rogues gallery
5) We sing happy birthday
6) Last conversation on the important things you can do to be a superhero yourself.

* Our animation is not affiliated with DC, Marvel, Sony, Warner Brothers or Nickelodeon. These are all companies that have dedicated their time and energy to create entertainment that inspires young and old. Our goal is to continue their tradition.

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