The 25 best venues to celebrate your kid's birthday in Ottawa (Gatineau) In 2024

The 25 best venues to celebrate your kid's birthday in Ottawa (Gatineau) In 2024

Karen MagazzinichSeptember 13, 2020

Your child’s birthday is coming soon and you are desperate to find THE PERFECT PLACE to commemorate this special day?  Fortunately for you, we simplified your life listing the best venues* to celebrate your child! See for yourself and choose THE PLACE that will make his or her day memorable!  If you opted not to have an at-home birthday party, I invite you to read on! 


*Prices may vary



Tag Zone kid's party

Theme: Indoor tagball arena

Age group: 10 years old and up

Price for a basic birthday:    starts at 259$ for 8 players / 2 hours session

Website: Tag Zone packages

Celebrate your next party with Tagzone, an original venue that offers a different game called tag ball.  It’s a game that is similar to paintball but uses no paint, but reusable foam ammunition.  It is 100% safe and kids will get their level of adrenaline to maximum.  Come battle with friends with amazing staff to host your party!


Good to know:

  • You get a free entry for the birthday player for his next visit and a free unique t-shirt.
  • You can update your package with a t-shirt for all guests for 4,99$ each.
  • When booking a  package, outside food is allowed.
  • Photos and videos of your session are included.
  • Free printable invitations are available on the website.




Putting Edge kid's birthday  party

Theme: Glow in the dark mini putt

Age group: 9 years old and up

Price for a basic birthday: $200 for 8 children (25$ additional child) / 2 hours session

Website: Putting Edge packages

What about offering your child a glow-in-the-dark party while playing mini putt!  Putting Edge offers a spectacular place to host your next party! Kids will play a 18 holes black light golf course with a personal caddie.  They will also be able to play arcades after having a special treat in the private glow-in-the-dark party room!


Good to know:

  • A  50$ deposit is required to complete the booking.
  • The guest is allowed to bring fully prepared outside food.
  • You can choose to buy food there with extra money added to the package.
  • You get a private room after the 18 holes golf course.
  • With an extra 5$ per child, they can also play in the arcades.
  • They provide printable invitations.




Funhaven kid's party

Theme: Indoor playground

Age group: all ages

Price for a basic birthday: starts at $299.99 (24,99$ per additional guest)  / 1h15 session +45 minutes party room

Website: Funhaven Packages


At Funhaven, your child will have the time of his life with all his or her friends! This place combines every game you can imagine and you get to choose the one you prefer to make this day memorable. Bumper cars, climbing walls, laser tag, video games, roller coaster or even an escape room! Everything is there to let the kids play and have fun with their dedicated party host!


Good to know:

  • You can create and print your own invitations cards online.
  • Food is included in all packages.
  • You can choose between 3 attractions with the basic package but you may also choose more add-on.
  • They also offer more add-on such as cake, cupcakes, platter, loot bags...




Orleans Bowling kid's party

Theme: Bowling alley

Age group: all ages

Price for a basic birthday:   starts at $132 for up to 6 children / 1 hour lane + 45 minutes in party room

Website: Orleans Bowling packages

Kids like to have Fun! For your next birthday party, why not choose Orleans Bowling for a great time with friends. Their state of the art scoring system offers great colourful 3-D style characters, fun animations and interactive enjoyment for your kids! Kids will get their own lane to play!


Good to know:

  • With the basic package, you get a veggie tray or fruit cup and tableware are provided.
  • Each kid will get a balloon in the party room.
  • They provide shoes for all kids.
  • All guests will get a free pass for a next visit.
  • You can also choose a complete meal ($).
  • You can print invitations cards from their website.




Pirate Adventure kid's party

Theme: Sailing adventure

Age group: all ages

Price for a basic birthday:   starts at 429$ for up to 20 guests /  1 ½ hour sailing adventure + 1 hour party tent

Website: Pirate Adventures packages

 Get ready to create wonderful memories of a birthday celebration with family and friends aboard the pirate ship. With Pirate Adventures, singing, dancing, fighting the evil Pirate Pete and discovering sunken treasure are just some magical activities you will experience! Kids will love their journey on this big sailing adventure with face painting and pirate costumes.

Good to know:

  • Unless you choose the Captain’s Special package, you will share the boat with other people during the trip.
  • You get to bring food of your choice but you can also have a pirate cake ($) or loot bags ($).
  • Birthday celebrations for groups with less than 20 people cost normal ticket price, with the option of renting a decorated birthday tent ($80 for the hour after the cruise).




Midway Funpark kid's party

Theme: Big indoor playground

Age group: all ages

Price for a basic birthday:  starts at $269.99 for 8 children / 2 hours session   

Website: Midway funpark packages

For a stress-free birthday party, Midway Family Fun Park is the place to go for younger and older kids. Let your child's imagination run wild with their incredible range of indoor activities.
Whether your kids want to bump (bumper cars), climb (climbing walls), crash, crawl, putt (glowing mini-putt), swing, slide (Jungle Gym), play, or explore, our indoor facility is a safe, colourful environment that's fun and excitement for the whole family. You will not regret this kid-friendly oasis!


Good to know:

  • Midway cakes are peanut free.
  • No outside food is permitted but you can get food options ($) for your package.
  • Socks are required for Jungle Gym and shoes are required for all attractions.
  • A 50$ deposit is due at time of party booking.




Xtreme Trampoline kid's party

Theme: Trampoline park

Age group: all ages

Price for a basic birthday: starts at $350 for 10 jumpers /  1 hour session + 40 minutes party room

Website: Xtreme Trampoline packages

 If you want to sit  back and relax while your dedicated party host makes sure your in room experience is amazing, Xtreme Trampoline is the place for you.  Kids will use trampolines as aid to slam dunk like a pro. They will go in the huge trampoline court  to bounce the day away or even jump high from a trampoline right into a GIGANTIC air bag!

Good to know:

  • The basic price is for parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but you can get a promotion for birthdays during weekdays.
  • Food and drinks are included with all packages.
  • Socks are provided.
  • You can bring your own cake or cupcakes (nut-free) but no other outside food is allowed.
  • Many add-on are proposed to you ($): extra pizza, additional drink pitcher, fruit or veggie platter,  t-shirt, loot bags…
  • For kids under 4 years old, you can get a  special package for less then 350$.




Laser Force kid's party

Theme: Laser game centre

Age group: all ages

Price for a basic birthday: starts at 240$ for up to 8 children / 2 missions of laser force + 1 hour party room   

Website: Laser Force packages

 Get ready to play Laser tag for your next birthday party!  Laser Force is a cool place to host a party and have fun in the dark.  Kids will get to accomplish a mission in an interactive space with great special effects.  After their mission, they will be happy to get their slice of pizza before relaxing in the arcades and game area ($).


Good to know:

  • With the classic package, you get a large pizza and juice or soda for all kids.
  • 2 parents can  play for free with all packages.
  • You get a  free game for Birthday child on future visit.



    Chiquicuts Hair Salon kid's party

    Theme: Kids hair salon

    Age group: 4 to 11 years old

    Price for a basic birthday:  starts at 210$ for u to 6 children /  2 hours session

    Website: Chiquicuts packages

    Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon is not just your average, ordinary children’s hair salon. It is a magical place! They are going to make magic happen on your kid’s next birthday! A stress-free, mess-free birthday celebration.  They are in charge of after party clean-up so you can enjoy your day and can go home to a clean house! It's every parents' dream! Whether you child loves superheros, divas, pirates or even karaoke, choices are there for you! Even birthday parties limousine shuttle service is available!


    Good to know:

    • You can easily upgrade your package with luxurious furniture and decor ($).
    • They offer many party specials such as loot bags,party costumes, sweet treats…
    • You may also print your invitations from their website.




    A Gym Tale kid's party

    Theme: Indoor playground

    Age group: 1 year old to 9 years old

    Price for a basic birthday: starts at $230 for up to 8 kids / 2 hours session   

    Website: A Gym Tale packages

    Why not host your next party at Gym Tale for your little ones! This stunning fairy tale environment will enchant young children.  The play space is filled with exciting obstacle courses and quality equipment for kids from 1 to 9 years old. Soft foam climbers, tunnels, swings, obstacle course, trapezes, everything is there to create a  memorable birthday party!


    Good to know:

    • Food is included in the package: 1 hot dog or pizza slice per child, 1 pitcher of juice (per 12 children) and basic white plates, cups, napkins and cutlery.
    • You get a free A Gym Tale T-Shirt for birthday child.
    • Complimentary photo of your little Prince/Princess on our Birthday Throne.
    • They offer a free drop in play admission pass per child.
    • They also offer the possibility to get the visit of a special character that your child loves (princesses, superheroes…).




    Dovercourt Recreation Centre kid's party

    Theme: Recreation programs

    Age group: 4 years old and up

    Price for a basic birthday:  starts at 217$ for up to 10 kids (maximum 20) / 2 hours session  

    Website: Dovercourt Centre packages

     For a stress-free birthday party, try Dovercourt Recreation Centre.  They offer age appropriate activities, crafts and games in a decorated party room all according to a theme of your choice.  They have many different themed party such as commando party, pool party, sports party, rock climbing party, dance party... Choose the theme you like best and then let them do the rest! Sit back and relax, they take care of the mess, the participants and the FUN!


    Good to know:

    • Participants should arrive 10-15 min early to factor in changing time for the swim.
    • Food: You may bring in or order any type of food you wish to serve. You will have access to a regular size fridge & freezer and microwaves.
    • Alcohol is allowed, but requires a Liquor license, liability waiver form filled out, liability insurance fee (rate depends on number of participants), refer to hourly room rates listed above specifically for liquor.
    • You get a full collection of party invites to choose from (download).



     FUN JUNCTION (Gatineau)

    Fun Junction kid's party

    Theme: Amusement centre

    Age group: all ages

    Price for a basic birthday:  starts at 160$ for 8 children /   3 hours session with the meal

    Website: Fun Junction packages

     This giant amusement centre gives you the opportunity to have the best birthday party ever! With their glow in the dark mini-golf, the laser tag game in a  glow in the dark area, the arcades or even the Jungle Gym for younger kids, you will have more than enough to entertain a  bunch of energetic kids!


    Good to know:

    • Are included pizza, hot dogs & fries, or chicken nuggets & fries (one choice for all),juice or pop (unlimited during meal).
    • The birthday guest will receive a $10 gift certificate usable for their next visit and will also get to play a game of Plinko, which will allow them to win a prize.
    • You will  be required to leave us a $50 non refundable deposit in order to reserves your spot.
    • You can ask for loot bags and cake ($).




    OCR Academy kid's party

    Theme: Obstacle course centre

    Age group: 15 years old and under

    Price for a basic birthday: 350$ for up to 20 kids / 1 ½ hour  session

    Website: OCR packages

     The secret for your next perfect birthday party is to get kids active and keep them moving!  With OCR, children will get so much fun while climbing, running and jumping in these cool and crazy obstacle course! They will teach kids the proper techniques to use their obstacles and prepare them for the next Ninja Warrior challenge! When booking a party, you get a private access to entire facility.


    Good to know:

    • For a  party of 9 kids or less, they recommend to come during the open gym time hours if you don’t mind to share the gym.
    • They have treats available but you can bring your own food, including the cake.
    • Parties are only available on Saturdays and Sundays between 2:15pm to 6:30.
    • They require a 100$ deposit to secure your spot.



    Flying Squirrel kid's party

    Theme: Trampoline park

    Age group: all ages

    Price for a basic birthday:  starts at 240$ for up to 10 kids / 2 ½ hours session including 2 hours of jumping  

    Website: Flying Squirrel packages 

    Flying Squirrel is Canada's largest and most exciting spring-loaded urban playground with a wide range of attractions. Choose the ultimate party experience where kids will literally be jumping for joy to have a Super Fly party! Your party host will handle everything from setup to cleanup, which means you get to go home to a clean, quiet house when all the fun is done. Simply leave the mess to them!


    Good to know:

    • All jumpers are required to have a signed waiver on file.
    • All jumpers are also required to have Trampoline Jump Socks which can be purchased at check-in.
    • The basic package includes 2 large pizzas, 10 bottles of water, a reserved party table and tablecloths.
    • The birthday kid gets a free one-hour jump pass for a  next visit.




    École d'Art Salamandre kid's party

    Theme: Art school

    Age group: 3 years old and up

    Price for a basic birthday:   starts at 205$ for up to 8 participants / 1 hour activity + party room

    Website: Art Salamandre Packages


    Ecole d’art Salamandre is a creative and original venue that provides a fun experience by offering a magical and unforgettable birthday party for your child and their friends! You can pick from various nature themes… In the workshop of visual arts, children will have fun while gaining knowledge about nature, and get to bring home their work of art! With the Storytelling and Music, children have the opportunity to try musical instruments, including exotic instruments from around the world.

    Good to know:

    • They invite you to arrive up to 30 minutes before the beginning of the party to decorate the room to your taste (this time is included in the location period).
    • Art materials are NOT INCLUDED. The fees for art supplies vary depending on the choice of the medium and the number of participants.
    • The room can be rented for extra hours at a rate of $20/hour in addition to the $20/hour cost of staff supervision.
    • $5 per additional participant (maximum room capacity: 12 participants).




    Cosmic Adventure kid's party


    Theme: Indoor playground

    Age group: 12 years old and under

    Price for a basic birthday:   starts at $280  for 8 children / 1 ¼ hour games and  play structure + 1 hour party room

    Website: Cosmic Adventures packages

    This indoor playground might be your next choice for a stunning birthday party that all the kids will enjoy. They will discover Cosmic Adventures  ball pits, slides, tunnels, mazes, obstacle courses and more. Grab your camera, join in the fun, and leave the mess and stress to their out-of-this-world Party Heroes! All your guests are guaranteed a great time, especially the birthday child! Leave the planning, gathering and cleaning up to their heroic team!


    Good to know:

    • You get many add-on to choose from to add more fun to your party: loot bags, food, t-shirt for the birthday child…
    • Birthday cake, birthday e-invites and party supplies are included in all packages.
    • No outside food is allowed since they have their own restaurant.



    LITTLE RAY’S REPTILE ZOO (Mobile, at home)

    Little Ray's Reptile Zoo kid's party

    Theme: Mobile Zoo

    Age group: all ages

    Price for a basic birthday: starts at 195$ (unlimited number of participants) / 1 hour  

    Website: Little Ray’s packages

    Since 1995 Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo has been offering one of Canada’s most fun and interactive approaches to eco education and zoology including their famous birthday parties. Get up close and personal to these amazing creatures in the comfort of your home.  During their presentations, they will bring a map or globe and do a little world tour, bringing out the animals one at a time.  They’ll explain all the neat things about each animal in a fun and relaxed manner, and of course the children will be able to touch and/or hold just about every animal they bring.


    Good to know:

    • Themed birthday invitations are available on the website.
    • Both the zoo itself and the outreach program are fully insured.
    • They can bring bigger animals or different animals with other packages.
    • For a birthday in one of their locations, please note the room capacity for groups and birthday parties is set at 15 guests total due to room capacity.




    Sky Zone kid's party

    Theme: trampoline indoor centre

    Age group: 4 years old and up

    Price for a basic birthday: 300$  for 10 children (maximum 20) / 1 hour jump session + 40 minutes in private room

    Website: Sky Zone Packages

     This place is the place to be for a stress-free birthday party. Sky Zone offers a concierge-style service that will leave parents time to relax while the party PRO takes care of the children. Kids will be jumping around in different areas like Sky Slam, Foam Zone and Sky Ladder! You will only have to relax and watch kids jump up and down!


    Good to know:

    • Length of jump time depending on package.
    • One Pair of Sky Socks is given to all jumpers.
    • Sky Zone provides Domino's Pizza, pitchers of fountain juice.
    • Party Room is available depending on package.
    • Napkins, plates, cutlery, candles & cups are included.
    • Party Room set up and clean up is included.
    • Additional add-Ons are available ($): loot bags, Sky Zone Swag...




    Captive Kids kid's party

    Theme: Escape room games

    Age group: 5 years old and up

    Price for a basic birthday: 40$ per person ( minimum of 6  players) / 1 hour session

    Website: Captive kids packages

     Captive Kids is the first escape room adventure created specifically for children and families. You will have to navigate through a series of challenges and interactive puzzles in order to move through the rooms and escape.  Captive Kids is designed to provide safe, challenging and an incredibly fun experience for groups of children and families!


    Good to know:

    • Two parents have the option to play for free.
    • When booking, you can choose the number of kids and adults that will be playing.




    Canadian History Museum kid's birthday party

    Theme: Children museum

    Age group: 3 to 12 years old

    Price for a basic birthday:  starts at 190$ for up to 10 kids /   1 hour animation and unlimited time in the museum + 1 hour party room

    Website: Canadian museum packages


    What a great way to celebrate your next party and have a special adventure with these two themed birthday party at Children’s Museum! Your kid will either step into the spotlight with a behind-the-scenes trip to the Theatre or take an unforgettable trip around the world to try Nigerian drumming and Japanese origami, learn a traditional Mexican dance, and make a piñata!

    Good to know:

    • The Children’s Museum requires a ratio of one adult for every five children.
    • You can get a  discount if you are a member of the museum.
    • You have the possibility to make a DIY party for only 100$ (no host or animation) with a  maximum of 30 persons.
    • Payment is due in full upon registration and registration is required a minimum of two weeks in advance.




    Monkey Around kid's birthday party


    Theme: Play and learn centre

    Age group: all ages

    Price for a basic birthday:   starts at 150$ for 5 children / 2 hours party room + unlimited time to play after

    Website: Monkey Around packages


    With a large play centre that offers a play structure, jumping pillow, roller rink, and games to keep children of all ages entertained, as well as a learn centre with full-time daycare programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children, Monkey Around has something for everyone. Also, birthday party kids get to go roller skating or roller racing, bounce on a giant pillow and climb through their play structure (5 years old and up). A party host will take care of everything so you can enjoy that moment too!


    Good to know:

    • No outside food or drinks are allowed.
    • Cake is included in all packages.
    • You can get many add-ons if you wish to: deluxe Loot Bags, special gift for the birthday child, balloons and even cotton candy.




    Laser Quest kid's birthday party

    Theme: Laser tag games

    Age group: 5 years old and up

    Price for a basic birthday:   starts at 144$ for 8 kids (minimum) / 2 hours session

    Website: Laser Quest packages


    This year, try Laser Quest for an outstanding birthday party! Parents love Laser Quest because their birthday packages are hassle-free.  Teenagers love LQ for their high-energy, interactive fun.

    This game combines the classic game of hide-and-seek and tag with a high tech twist. Their multi-level arenas have swirling fog, energetic music and fun lurking around every corner!


    Good to know:

    • A deposit is required at time of booking.
    • Games are played with the general public but you can book a party with private games.
    • Storage is available for gifts.
    • Laser Quest team takes care of the clean-up.
    • Fridge and freezer are available for you to store your cake.
    • You can get invitations by email or from their website.




    Unigym kid's party

    Theme: Gymnastics

    Age group: 5 years old and up

    Price for a basic birthday:   starts at$ 180 for 7 children / 1 hour activity + 1 hour party room

    Website: Unigym packages


    With Unigym Gatineau, you get to see the children immersed in a world of dynamic, exciting and motivating gymnastics skills. A certified coach will lead the party through a gymnastics adventure full of cheers, smiles, tumbles, games, challenges and celebration! The children will learn and refine their jumping, balancing, swinging, rolling and PARTYING skills along the way!


    Good to know:

    • With the basic package, you get a Unigym surprise for the birthday kid.
    • You can use of a fridge, microwave and other storage.
    • Unigym Gatineau is a NUT-FREE facility. Please ensure that you choose food and products that do not contain nuts or any nut product.
    • Any child under the age of three must be accompanied by a parent or adult and any party with children under the age of 5 require that one adult be present in the gym while the party is in progress.
    • All parties provide their own cake, refreshments, cutlery and additional decorations.
    • A 50$ deposit, non-refundable, is required 2 weeks before the birthday party.



    SPORTBALL (Gatineau)

    Sportball kid's birthday party

    Theme: Sports classes

    Age group: 3 to 12 years old

    Price for a basic birthday:  On demand (depends on the venue you choose)  / 1 hour session minimum

    Website: Sportball packages


    Everybody wins when the Coach throws the party at Sportball! Thrill your child with a high-energy, action-packed party that will be remembered long after the candles are blown out! Whether you choose basketball, soccer, multi-sports or hockey cosom, parties begin with coach-led active fun and they can be booked at official Sportball locations or at a venue of your choice.


    Good to know:

    • You can also get a  birthday party with youngers (2-3 years old) but it include the active participation of parents and caregivers with their toddlers.
    • Parents assist with celebration and clean-up.
    • Printable and email invitations are included.

     CINEPLEX ODEON (many locations)

    Cineplex Odeon kid's birthday party

    Theme: Movie theatre

    Age group: 4 to 13 years old

    Price for a basic birthday: starts at 136$ for 8 participants (minimum, and 17$ per additional child)    

    Website: Cineplex packages


    Planning your next party? Make it a movie event with Cineplex Odeon with this fun, easy and affordable birthday party!  That's why more and more parents are choosing Popcorn Parties for their child's next birthday.  They also offer an XBOX party or even the new Escape Room party! Choose your movie and get your snacks! Each child attending the party, including the birthday boy or girl, receives a Kid’s popcorn, drink, and a treat.  Your host will meet your birthday group upon arrival at the theatre, take you to your seats, and provide each party child with their Kids Tray Combo.


    Good to know:

    • Prices may vary by location.
    • The Party calculator does not include the accompanying Adult/Party Chaperone's regular movie admission and food costs.
    • You will receive one free admission for the birthday boy or girl’s next visit to Cineplex!
    • Outside food and beverages are not permitted within the theatre complex.
    • Please note that films will not be confirmed until the Tuesday prior to your party date.
    • Enjoy a private party room for 1 hour with the Premium package.

    *All prices are indicated without HST or applicable provincial sales tax.


    Are you still hesitating between having your child's birthday party at a venue or hosting an at-home birthday party? Take a look at our at-home birthday party themes

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