About us

Fun At-Home birthday parties for children aged 5 to 12 years old! 

Zoum Zoum Party is an innovative concept designed specifically for at-home birthday parties! All our presentations are filled with fun, educational and exciting activities that will amaze and fulfill the birthday child and party goers! Presentations are based on hands-on learning and fun!

Zoum Zoum Party is more than just parties, it’s also a team with over 12 years experience that take it to heart to offer your child a wonderful birthday! Our themes and activities have all been tested thousands of times. Our presenters are experienced professionals that are extremely trustworthy and use only superior quality materials! And don’t forget that are our expert party planners are also always there to assist you from beginning to end!


  • They are specifically trained for at-home birthday parties.

  • They have a history of pertinent work with children aged between 3 to 12 years old.

  • They also work in school settings where they have to take charge of groups of up to 30 children.

  • They are patient, outgoing and sensitive to the birthday child’s needs.

  • They respect you and your home.


  • A unique and interactive concept with an exciting line-up of hands-on activities!

  • Our presentations have proven themselves with thousands of happy little customers!

  • A team of presenters that will win your heart!

  • A cancellation policy that is tailored to your reality as a parent.

  • Different birthday packages to accommodate different budgets.

  • No hidden fees.

  • Very affordable, if any, transportation fees.

  • Party planners that are there to listen to your needs.

  • Great customer service because you deserve it!

Chose Zoum Zoum Party for a job well done and your peace of mind!