Children's activities for day camps

Activities for Day Camps

Get ready to elevate the level of fun this summer with Zoum Zoum Party! 🌟🎉 We are leaders in specialized activities for day camps!Who says the adventure has to be outside the camp? With our educational programs for day camps, your campers will have extraordinary experiences without even leaving the grounds!Zoum Zoum Party is more than just a team; it's a guarantee of reliability, seasoned artists, hyper-dynamic animators, and, above all, a variety of out-of-the-ordinary animations and activities for children in day camps! Unusual and fun themes spice up each activity to provide a unique experience for your young adventurers.Imagine a team ready to unleash rivers of laughter and mountains of fun for your campers. That's exactly what you get with Zoum Zoum Party! ✨🎈Our day camp animations are available in the all major cities and surroundings:  of Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and, Vancouver.

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Here is an overview of our children's activities for day camps


magician for day camps

Dive into the enchanting world of magic shows or workshops designed exclusively for day camps! Let yourself be carried away in a whirlwind of mystery, laughter, and wonder as our talented magicians for day camps captivate the young minds hungry for adventure. With years of experience enchanting audiences of all ages, our magicians have perfected the art of prestidigitation to create interactive and engaging shows, specially tailored to the lively energy and boundless imagination of campers. Dazzling illusions, mysterious card tricks, and even magical animals will make each performance a magical and memorable moment. Transform your camp days into an unforgettable magical adventure and let us delight your young participants with performances that will leave enchanting memories etched in their minds for a long time! 🌟🎩✨

                    Slime workshop for day camps


Get ready for an epic day, as we bring you a unique glue workshop in Canada that will make your campers' eyes sparkle! 🌈✨ Imagine an experience where kids can unleash their boundless creativity by exploring completely wacky and original glue recipes, straight from our magical laboratory!

On the menu for this sensational day, your little artists can dive into making cloud glue, create crispy transparent glue, and even experiment with a fluffy glue that defies all expectations! Each recipe is an adventure in itself, offering hours of fun and amazement for your campers.

It's the perfect opportunity to give your young explorers the best day of their lives, filled with laughter, discoveries, and, of course, sensational glue! Choose the glue workshop and get ready for a day where fun knows no bounds! 🎉🌟


Immerse your little budding scientists in a fascinating world of discoveries with our exciting science workshops specially designed for your day camp! 🚀✨

On the agenda, campers will have the chance to become real apprentice chemists by creating their own magical glue. Imagine their faces lighting up with excitement as they make something as fun as it is practical!

But that's not all, get ready to dazzle curious minds with a magical experience of turning water into snow, unveiling the mysteries of chemical reactions in a playful and captivating way.

The senses will also be treated to a unique tasting of freeze-dried candies, similar to those astronauts enjoy in space. A galactic taste journey that will transport campers to the stars!

And to top it all off, an unforgettable slimy experience with sticky hands, where laughter and learning blend to create indelible memories. These science workshops are more than just experiments; they are educational adventures that will stimulate the curiosity and imagination of your little scientists. Get ready for a summer of exciting discoveries and scientific wonder! 🔬🌈🔍


              Dance workshop for day camps


Buckle up for a rhythmic and dynamic adventure in the vibrant world of dance, exclusively for the children in your day camp! 🌟 With an instructor as energetic as creative, this animation promises to bring a whirlwind of energy and laughter.

To the sounds of popular songs with jazz, funky, and hip-hop influences, young dancers embark on an exhilarating exploration of different dance techniques. It's much more than just a class – it's an experience where dance becomes a thrilling adventure!

Together, our group of young stars puts together a choreography brimming with vitality, putting into practice the movements they've learned. And then, ta-da! The spotlights come on for a little epic performance, where each young dancer becomes a true rising star. Music, Maestro! 🎶✨

Give your campers an unforgettable day filled with moves, laughter, and pride with our sensational dance animation!


face painting for kids day camps

 Get ready for an explosion of colors and laughter this summer by offering the children in your day camp the opportunity to escape into the fantastical world of fantasy makeup! 🎨✨ With our expert makeup artists, magic happens to create faces that become true artistic canvases.

Imagine radiant smiles and overflowing joy as our artists bring a burst of colors and life to your day camp. Their talent is as vast as the campers' limitless imagination, ensuring unique and colorful creations for each child.

Using exclusively high-quality hypoallergenic makeup, our makeup artists not only ensure safety but also unleash unbridled creativity. Each makeup becomes a fleeting work of art that will sparkle in the eyes of the children and marvel all those around them. Offer a day of sensational makeovers that will leave colorful and indelible memories in the hearts of your little campers! 🌈🤩



Ballonn twisting for day camps


Dive into an enchanting world of creativity and entertainment with our exceptional balloon sculptors, specially designed to delight the campers of your day camp! Our talented artists will turn the ordinary into the extraordinary by shaping colorful balloons into a variety of stunning forms, from playful animals to festive hats. Each child will have the opportunity to choose their favorite creation, bringing their wildest dreams to life. Zoum Zoum Party's balloon sculpting is more than just an artistic activity; it's an interactive experience that stimulates imagination, fosters creativity, and leaves behind joyful and colorful memories. Treat your campers to a day full of laughter and magic with this captivating workshop where each balloon becomes a fleeting work of art, ready to brighten up their summer!



superheroes for day camps


Dive into the thrilling world of superheroes with our dynamic workshops that will bring a dose of action and magic to your day camp! We have all imaginable superheroes! From Batman to Spiderman, from Captain America to Thor, from Black Panther to Miles Morales, all ready to inspire and entertain your young participants.

On the agenda, dynamic activities that will highlight the extraordinary talents of each superhero. Agility courses worthy of the greatest feats of these legends, challenging tasks, and above all, a ton of guaranteed fun! Children will have the opportunity to feel like real superheroes by participating in interactive games and activities that will stimulate their energy and creativity.

Whether taking part in special missions or testing their skills in agility courses inspired by superheroes, your little participants are guaranteed to experience a day full of action and memorable laughter. It's the perfect time to let the superheroes become the heroes of the day and transform your day camp into an unforgettable heroic adventure! 🦸‍♂️🚀🎉


princesses for day camps


Transport your little campers to an enchanted realm with our special day camp workshop, led by a real princess! Imagine a mesmerizing mini-show where the princess captivates the attention of the young ones with magical stories and enchanting songs. But that's not all!

The workshop focuses on the emotional development of children through playful and educational games. The young ones will have the opportunity to explore and understand their emotions while having fun, with the princess as a caring guide.

And what would a princess workshop be without a grand royal ball? Little participants will be invited to don their finest outfits to dance and twirl at the grand princess ball. Magical moments, laughter, and a day filled with extraordinary memories are on the agenda.

Get ready to see the eyes of your campers light up with wonder as they experience a day worthy of fairy tales. Give them a royal experience they will remember for a long time. Live the magic and fantasy with our princess workshop, where every moment is an enchanted adventure! 🌟👑🎉


Clown for day camps


Get ready for an explosion of laughter and craziness in your day camp, as our clowns are ready to bring a massive dose of fun and color! 🤡🎉

If your young campers are ready to goof around, we have the perfect formula to amaze them. With our Zoum Zoum Party clowns, entertainment is the key to success!

Choose from our different formulas, all equally fun. Whether it's with a hilarious clown show, wacky balloon sculptures, fantasy make-up that transforms faces into living works of art, and much more, our clowns are here to ensure that every day in your day camp is filled with laughter, colors, and unforgettable moments!

Turn your day camp into a festival of joy by inviting our clowns to the party. Fun is guaranteed, and the memories will be as vibrant as the bright colors of our clown team! 🌈🎈



Ready to give your campers a summer they'll never forget? Fill out the quote request form by clicking here: FILL OUT QUOTE FORM

Or contact us now at 1-855-850-9686. Let the adventure and fun begin! 🚀🌈