Sparkling Slime recipe for birthday parties!

Sparkling Slime recipe for birthday parties!

Karen MagazzinichSeptember 05, 201630 comments

Kids playing with slime

What child doesn’t like slime! This thick, gooey, yet runny substance with a consistency somewhere between paint and custard has been around since the 60’s!

My sparkling slime recipe is awesome as a birthday party activity! With ingredients that are easy to find in your local department store (Walmart for example) and a very simple elaboration, you will fast be on your way to the coolest birthday party ever! You can easily include this slime recipe for your Science, Magic or Slime themed birthday parties!   

The expression of joy you’ll see on the children's faces as they play with their slime is priceless!

The following recipe is for 8 kids. As with all other experiments, I do encourage you to do the slime one time on your own before presenting it at your party. You’ll be able to test the recipe, see the results and adjust recipe, if need be, before having a dozen little ones running around you.

Ingredients for sparkling slime recipe


  • 2 containers clear glue  (I used Elmer with a 147 ml per container)

  • Different colors of sparkling glue (you can have many colors so that the children can choose their favorite)

  • 4 tablespoons of borax  (it can be found in stores in the javel aisle)

  • 2/3 cups of hot water

  • Small plastic container for each child’s slime (1 per child)

  • Popsicle sticks (1 per child)

  • 1 big bowl

  • 1 wooden spoon


When we are doing experiments with kids, especially for a birthday party, it’s more fun for the kids to do their experiment on their own. Allow the kids to do their own slime instead of doing it for them. A trick I have is I make a slime in front of them at first (as well as explain what i’m doing) so that they can visually see all the steps.

  1. Give each child a small plastic container and a popsicle stick.

  2. Ask the kids to pour ¼ of the transparent glue container in their small plastic cup.

  3. Have each child choose his color of sparkle. The children should put the equivalent of 1 tablespoon of sparkle glue into their transparent glue. It is super important to mix well. The children can add a little more sparkles if they want.

  4. In your big bowl, mix the warm water and borax. You can ask the birthday child to come mix and then each kid can come and mix a little also.

  5. Pour your water and borax mixture in equal amounts in each of the children’s plastic containers.

  6. Ask the kids to blend all liquids with their popsicle stick.

  7. After only a minute, their sparkling slime is ready!

Have fun and don’t forget to take pictures!

Sparkling slime

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