Birthday gifts during a child’s party: When to open them?

Birthday gifts during a child’s party: When to open them?

Karen MagazzinichSeptember 28, 20164 comments

I don’t know if you are like me, but the most stressful moment for me during a birthday party is when the birthday child opens his gifts.

A child’s party is already very busy! Lots of guests, a festive atmosphere, the presence of an entertainer and a cake just yearning to be eaten! And after all that, comes the dreadful moment of opening gifts!  

Opening gifts is always a loud and disorganized moment. The birthday child is excited, the friends are pushing to give their present first and the other kids stay so close to the birthday child that there’s barely any breathing room. This moment of pure commotion goes by so fast, leaving no time to appreciate the gift or to thank the friend that gave the gift.

A child’s birthday party should be enjoyable and not stressful! Here are my 3 suggestions of when to open gifts during a child’s birthday party.


1. Open gifts in front of the party guests

If your child prefers to open his gifts in front of his friends, you need to be organized! Here’s a system that will simplify your life! Sit the birthday child on a chair in the middle of the living room.  On the floor, put a clear limit which can’t be passed by any child. In a hat, put numbers for the party guests to draw. The child who picks number one gets to give the birthday child his gift first, and so on. Allow the birthday child to take a good look at his gift, to appreciate it and to thank his friend who gave it to him. Allow at least 30 minutes to open all the gifts.


2. Open the gifts as each child leaves the party

This way to go about opening gifts is AWESOME!!!! As parents arrive to come pick up their kid, the guest that is leaving can go get his gift and offer it to the birthday child. This way, the birthday child can take the time to appreciate his gift and thank his friend. It’s also fun for the parent offering the gift to see the reaction of the birthday child.  The birthday child can also take the time to say goodbye to his friend and thank him for coming to the party!


3. Open the gifts after all the fiends have left

It can also be very interesting to wait until after the end of the festivities to open the gifts. This way, the birthday child prolongs his special day and may take time to open his presents quietly! It’s important to mention the guests, upon their arrival, that the gifts will be opened only when everyone has left. This way, guests aren’t disappointed not to be able to offer their gifts to the birthday child. If you feel like it, the birthday child can also write a short note (or drawing) to thank each friend.


Have fun! 


Karen :-)

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