Karen MagazzinichMarch 22, 2017

For children, Easter is synonymous with chocolat! The traditional Easter egg hunt is an all time classic! How about changing it up a bit and getting with the modern times?

Here are 3 fun game ideas to do with your kids during Easter weekend.


1. Guess what is hiding in the eggs

What you will need

  • 8 large plastic eggs (most dollar stores have them)

  • Lots of little chocolates

  • 5 items that are small enough to fit inside the eggs (erasers, Easter stamps, small toys, Lego pieces, etc.)

How to play

  • Place a chocolate in 3 of the eggs. Place a small toy in the other eggs. Be carefull that the children don't see you do this. 
  • Explain to the children that they can take one egg and shake it in front of their ear and try to guess what is inside. The child must say if there is a chocolate inside the egg. 
  • For each good answer, the child gets to keep a chocolate. If the child makes the egg open before guessing, no chocolate will be given. 

  • If you have more than one child, it's best to have the other children step out of the room while one child is playing the game! This will help to keep secret the content of each egg! 

Jeux pour Pâques pour enfants

2. Memory game

What you will need

  • Small plastic eggs

  • Lots and lots of chocolat (different colors and shapes)

How to play

  • Hide on chocolate in each egg. 

  • Make sur to hide the same chocolate in another egg. You need to have pairs of all the different chocolates!

  • Spread out all the eggs on a table.

  • Taking turns, the children can open any 2 eggs that they want. If they found a pair, they get to keep the 2 chocolates!

  • Repeat until there are no more eggs!

Jeux pour Pâques pour enfants

3. The egg tower

The egg tower is a very funny and simple game! Each child tries to make the highest tower with half Easter eggs. Once their tower completed, the child counts how many half eggs were used to build their tower. For every 5 egg used, the child receives a chocolate! You can also have a bigger chocolate to give to the child who built the highest tower! You can redo thsi game as many times as the children want or until you have no more chocolate! 

Jeux pour Pâques pour enfants

Have loads of fun, don't forget to take pictures and

happy Easter everyone! 

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