Reptiles at-home Birthday Party


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Recommended age: 4 to 14 years old

The Reptiles Birthday Party is a colorful animation! During the animation the children have the chance to meet their favorite reptiles!

Reptiles Birthday Party includes:

  • Basic party up to 15 kids
  • 60 minutes of fun and interactive animation
  • Zoum Zoum Party invitations
  • Professional, dedicated, and enthusiastic party leader to make the process fun and engaging


Reptiles Party offers you a most entertaining birthday party for your child and his friends! 

A professional animator will present more than ten animals that will capture the attention of young people. Here is an overview of the animals you will have the chance to meet for your child's party:

  • Snakes of different sizes and species
  • Tortoise
  • Scorpio
  • Amphibian
  • Lizards
  • tarantula

By adapting the explanations according to the age of the children, the animator will explain in a fun way the characteristics and specifications of each of the animals that the children will have the pleasure of touching or taking.

A great time to take pictures!


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