Magic DIY Party box for Kids Party


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Birthday Party Hosting: 70 minutes 
Number of kids: 8 kids
Recommended ages: 7 to 12 years old
Difficulty level for parent: Easy 



Magic tricks, secret formulas and mind sorcery will leave your party guests in ah in light of your talent!

During this dynamic and interactive Magic birthday party, six different magic tricks are taught to the party-goers! As the parent presenter, you will reveal all the great secrets of magic to your guests! Apprentices can then continue to refine their magic mimmics and captivating gestures at home, as the material supplied in your Magix DIY party box is theirs to keep until the dawn of time! 

Here's a description of the magic tricks your Magic DIY party box offers you: 


As quick as you fill a glass full of water in front of your public, as fast as you make it disappear! With the wave of your wand and the power of your mind, your new magician talents know NO LIMITS! The party-goers will be left speechless! This disappearing water trick is a great way to spur interest, get people questioning and have a good laugh with your guests!


This magic trick is epic! In an impossible to fail turn of events, the apprentice is able to make a traffic signal jump through the air! The magician shows a black card with the colors of a traffic light on them, Red, yellow and green. He also shows a blank card, which he sets onto a spectator's hand. Like magic, the green spot vanishes from the traffic light card and appears on the blank one! Easy for anyone to do.


In this eye-catching trick, the apprentices are able to astonish their audience with dancing metal rings! In the flip of the fingers, 2 metal rings are attracted to one another and dance in perfect harmony!


Three untamed balls are able to penetrate through the top of a plastic colorful cup and appear at the bottom of that cup! Are the cups tricked? NOT AT ALL! As you impress your guests with this mind-blowing trick, they will be begging you to tell them the secret of the great magician!!!! Apprentices will have to practice hard to master this incredible illusion! 


This trick is colorful, fun and great for all ages! Red! Blue! Yellow! Whichever colored crayon was chosen by a member of your audience, you will easily be able to guess the color. Impressed you say? The little ones will be speechless!


Even the most alert minds will be baffled by this simple numbers trick! You will be able to guess any number chosen by a member of your attentive audience.  After explaining your power to the children, it will be their turn to sharpen their minds and practice their math!


Your Magic DIY party box also includes a magic wand to give to your birthday child and his friends! Their new wand will assist them in learning their magic tricks as well as accompany them as they become great magicians! 

Zoum Zoum Party is proud to always offer you all-inclusive birthday party entertainment for your child!

See what's included in our Magic DIY party box:

  • Zoum Zoum Party invitations
  • Quality material to teach 6 AMAZING magic trick to the kids! 
  • Easy to follow instructional videos
  • Easy to follow written instructions
  • A unique and interactive concept with an exciting line-up of hands-on magic tricks
  • Loot bags to put the party goers' magic tricks learned during the party

Zoum Zoum Party is happy to be your partner in assisting you with the most AWESOME entertainment for your child's birthday! 

  • Our AMAZING MAGIC DIY party box ships the next day
  • Instructions are easy to follow and within 20 minutes you’ll become a certified Magic party expert presenter!
  • The best set-up is to have the kids sitting or standing around a table
  • For quick and easy clean-up, we suggest you put a disposable tablecloth on your table 
  • This theme is not suitable for kids 6 and under!

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