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Birthday Party Hosting: 95 minutes 
Number of kids: 8 kids
Recommended ages: 6 to 12 years old
Difficulty level for parent: Easy 



Does your daughter feel like having some BFF time to create memories and have fun? Here’s the perfect party for your little princess!

Originality, fun and discovery of the senses are what you will get with our awesome Girls Party DIY party box! You will be the coolest parent as you guide the girls through their cosmetic creations! Here's a complete description of what you will be doing with the party goers! 


Plain old lip balm has a new nemessis in town: The lava gloss! This new generation lip gloss is carefully elaborated in a roll-on bottle perfect for the girls to bring along! This cosmetic will fast become a favorite!


Your party is transformed into a scientific lab! As the girls prepare their bath salt, their experience goes beyond the creation as they learn the science behind this fizzy formula! Our natural ingredients will make for an exhilarating bath time!  


Bath time will never have been this fun, as your princess will be eager to use her own soap. The birthday girl and her friends each make 2 glycerine soaps and choose their fragrances amongst the essential oils available. Our quality products are safe for your treasure’s skin! (Use of a microwave is required) 


UV beads are special beads that are transparent and change color when in contact with the UV rays of the sun! The children have a unique chance of making themselves a bracelet with our special beads!  This bracelet is not only pretty but very practical also! As the children wear it outside, if their beads change color, then they know they must put on sunscreen to protect their skin! The more the beads' colors get darker, the stronger the UV rays are! 


This party will be a complete success as each girl gets their very own sparkle tattoo! One can't go wrong with temporary tattoos make with glitter dust! The tattoos last from 3 to 7 days and are waterproof! Our sparkle tattoos are hypoallergenic, made in Canada and meet dermatological standards! Wonderful girly activity! 



ON top of all the fun and exciting girly activities, your Girls Party DIY party box will also provide you with colorful Hawaiian necklaces for all the children attending the party!  


Zoum Zoum Party is proud to always offer you all-inclusive birthday party entertainment for your child!

See what's included in our Girls Party DIY party box:

  • Zoum Zoum Party invitations
  • Quality material to create 5 EXCITNG Girls Party activities with the kids!
  • Easy to follow instructional videos
  • Easy to follow written instructions
  • A unique and interactive concept with an exciting line-up of hands-on girls party activities! 
  • Loot bags to put the party goers' creations made during the party!

Zoum Zoum Party is happy to be your partner in assisting you with the most AWESOME entertainment for your child's birthday! 

  • Our AMAZING GIRL PARTY DIY party box ships the next day
  • Instructions are easy to follow and within 20 minutes you’ll become a certified Girls Party party expert presenter!
  • The best set-up is to have the kids sitting or standing around a table
  • For quick and easy clean-up, we suggest you put a disposable tablecloth on your table 
  • This theme is not suitable for kids 4 and under!

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