A safe party at your home!

Hosting children's parties has always been at the heart of everything we do. As we are slowly starting our activities again, we will continue to be there for you. And because your peace of mind has our full attention, we will continue to support you and ensure that our events are respectful, attentive and safe.

To move forward, we all have to do our part! The health and safety of children and our party leaders is our priority. This is why we have made changes to our services and implemented preventive health measures.

Here are our preventive measures

- A maximum of 10 participants can be present (including our party host and parents present) during the animation.

- All our party hosts wear a mask when they are in closer proximity to the children.

- Parents must prepare a small disinfectant station. The facilitator takes a moment with the children to wash their hands before starting the hosting.

- Parents must offer Zoum Zoum Party a well ventilated space

- Parents must provide a large enough table so that children can respect social distancing around the table

- Disposable material is offered to children for their activities

- Disinfectant wipes are given to the party host in order to disinfect the material which is not for single use

- We allow ourselves to refuse the participation of any child who shows signs of Covid (cough, fever, breathing difficulties)

- We strongly encourage the parents present to be in another room than the animation.

We thank you very much for your collaboration and understanding!

Together, we will get there!
Together, we are going to be alright!