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Birthday Party Hosting: 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on package

Recommended ages: 6 to 12 years old


at-hopme Slime party for kids


The WOW Party! allows the kids to create 2 awesome slimes: the Cloud slime and Fluffy slime. Both these slimes are moist, cottony and soft! Chances are the kids will discover these slimes for the first time, providing them with hours and hours of FUN!!! Also, each child receives a fart slime that will allow the kids to make the funniest noises with their new slime!


The OMG Party! includes everything from our Wow Party! Plus an incredible Transparent Crunchy slime and our fan-favorite - make your own Bouncy Balls! Our Transparent slime is the coolest slime EVER!!! The kids will love its soft, slick texture and will go crazy for the transparent look! This slime will fast become a favorite! Kids will also jump for joy as they create their own Bouncing Ball! This small semi-solid, half-liquid polymer offers oodles of fun to the birthday child and their friends!


The Love you Forever Party! includes everything from our OMG Party! Plus an exclusive Glow-in-the-Dark slime and an out-of-this-world Galaxy Slime! What's cooler than slime? Glow-in-the-Dark slime!  Your birthday child will be the most popular kid in town since all the friends get to make their very own Glow-in-the-Dark slime too!! Regular slime by day, but shiny and bright by night. Bedtime will never be this easy! Each child also receives a sleek Galaxy Slime that will allow for even more hours of entertainment.


Included in Slime Party 

Zoum Zoum Party is proud to always offer you all-inclusive birthday party entertainment for your child!

See what's included in our Slime party:

  • Zoum Zoum Party invitations
  • No travel fee if you are within 45km of the downtown center!
  • 3 AMAZING slime packages to choose from!
  • A unique and interactive concept with an exciting line-up of hands-on slime experiments
  • Energetic presenters that are sure to make your child feel special!
  • Loot bags for the kids to store the slimes they make during the party

 Zoum Zoum Party offers you peace of mind for your child's birthday!

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