Science Party: Amazing bubble show


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🎂 Tips for a Successful Party:

Party Entertainment: Get ready for a spectacular  60-minute experience.

Recommended Ages: Kids aged  4 to 10 years old will experience extraordinary magical moments! ✨🌈


Have a wonderful party with our devoted scienctist with a fun and and interactive science bubble show! Glen is a funny and very dedicated scientist who has to heart the success of every child's party! 

 Birthday Party includes:
  • An interactive bubble show
  • Many different activities are planned for an amazing time!
  • 20 minutes of amazing bubble tricks
  • 20 minutes of going inside soap bubbles (all the kids)
  • 20 minutes of making multitudes of bubbles outside
  • An energetic scientist with over 30 years of experience!
  • Zoum Zoum Party invitations 
  • A maximum of 20 participants


Be amazed and awestruck by bubble tricks like flower-shaped bubbles, a Mickey Mouse bubble, smoke-filled bubbles, cube bubbles and so much more. But the best part, is all the kids can go inside a soap bubble (floating away costs extra*). And don’t forget the epic bubble-making session outside.

• Due to wind, two parts of the bubble show MUST be done inside.
• Bubbles are easy to contain and will not result in a mess.
• The Bubble Science Show can be tailored to an older audience.


Please note that this party package has a different refund policy than our other packages

Refund Policy

• Refunds are allowed up to one week before the event at no cost. 
• Within one week, 50% of the cost of the show is forfeited.
• Unofficially, I will try to reschedule to another time. I prefer that you
do not mention this to the customer, but you could always say, “Give
Glenn a call. Perhaps he may have some flexibility in his schedule.”