Citronelle the Witch Party


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Animation duration: 45 minutes

Hehe! The Citronnelle witch leaves her haunted house to come visit the little ones!

Included in the Citronnelle the Witch animation:

  • 45-minute interactive show
  • For children from 2 to 6 years old
  • A professional artist with over 6 years of experience!
  • A presentation for a maximum of 40 children
  • Show that will make all friends laugh!

DESCRIPTION OF THE PARTY with Citronnelle the Witch

In her fun and mysterious show, the Citronnelle the Witch reads a witch's tale! The little ones will be amazed by this mythical Halloween creature! The Citronnelle the Witch has more than one trick up her sleeve! She demonstrates her magical powers to children with an interactive magic show. Finally, every good witch must have a REAL magic potion! Bewitching smoke and sticky frog slime will be the ingredients of this most disgusting magic potion !!!!

Children will be fascinated by Citronnelle the kind Witch who practices her magic formulas, but who sometimes makes mistakes which gives funny and unexpected results!

Citronnelle brings all the necessary material to create the most beautiful and colorful mini pumpkins for Halloween. For prices please contact our offices

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