Dry Ice Party with Bazou


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 Duration of the birthday animation: 75 minutes

Recommended age: 6 to 12 years old

Dry ice is a very popular and very impressive scientific phenomenon! Through fun experiences, young people discover the mysteries of carbon dioxide.

Included in the Dry Ice Party  with Bazou:

  • Zoum Zoum Party themed Dry Ice party invitations
  • Dynamic animators who will make your child feel special!
  • A humorous and fun awareness of science and ecology
  • An experience to take home!

Carbon dioxide is a fascinating material because it does not have a liquid form. Dioxide in solid form looks like ice and when it melts automatically becomes gas! The children set off to discover the properties of this fascinating material! Through wacky experiments, children discover several scientific notions related to ICE, SNOW, WATER AND AIR!

Here are some examples of experiences that children will do

The air tube
To discover the notion that air, even if invisible to the eye, occupies a space and puts a force, the children make an experiment with an air tube!

Water and its components
Children build their own submarine to fully understand the components of water and the contrast between water and air.

The screamiing coin
The intense cold of dry ice is demonstrated by making metal scream!

The dancing coin
This experience shows the birthday party and his / her guests that even if the air is not visible to the eye, it occupies a space and emits a force on the objects.

Gas bubbles
A fun experience that traps carbon dioxide in soap bubbles! Great fun for the kids!

Special effects
With a large amount of dry ice, Bazou turns your house into a real movie scene!


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