Grinch Mascot Birthday Party


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💌 Reservation Confirmation: Get ready for a celebration full of surprises with our mascot! Once your reservation is confirmed, keep an eye on your inbox to receive a confirmation. But if our schedule is tight, don't worry! We'll reach out to you within 24 to 48 hours via phone or SMS. It's like receiving a special message!

🎈 Invitation Countdown: Just wait 2 days before sending out invitations for this amazing experience! We want every detail to be perfect for this thrilling party. Excitement is at its peak! 🌟

🎂 Pro Tips for the Party: Birthday Entertainment: Get ready for a 45 to 60-minute adventure with our mascot!

Recommended Ages: Little explorers aged 3 to 10 are guaranteed to have dynamic and amazing moments!

Your kids will be amazed by our mascot, the Grinch!

Included in the GRINCH entertainment:

💌 Grinch-themed invitations for an incredibly fun party!

🌟 High-quality costumes for an authentic experience!

📸 Photos with the kids (camera not included), full of hugs and memories to share!

🎉💫 Dynamic entertainment that will enchant everyone!

🎁 A gift for each child to extend the fun at home (autographed poster)

 Description of the Grinch Party

Winter is in full swing, and it's our dear Santa's favorite season! He's offering young ones a unique chance to perfect their snowball throwing skills. With a colorful target, Santa and his crew take on the challenge of throwing snowballs as accurately as possible!

Children have the unique opportunity to undergo Grinch training! It's not every day that the Grinch lets children into his world! Through a series of games and obstacle courses, the group is immersed in the fascinating world of the Grinch!

Mystery Box Games
Participants have the chance to test their Grinch knowledge with interactive games! All the young ones are rewarded by choosing a small gift from the Grinch's mystery box!

One thing the Grinch loves more than complaining is... playing LIMBO!!! He introduces the children to his favorite game! To the rhythm of catchy music, the kids bend almost in half to impress the Grinch!

Photos and Hugs
Throughout the entertainment, you'll have plenty of opportunities to take a thousand and one photos of the kids in action with Santa! But at the end of the entertainment, the Grinch takes a good moment for you to take a photo with him and each child.

Surprise for All Children
The Grinch hasn't forgotten to bring a little surprise for all the children! He offers every child a character poster signed by none other than... our dear Grinch!!!


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