Science Party: Amazing WHIZ BANG science show


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🎂 Tips for a Successful Party:

Party Entertainment: Get ready for a spectacular  60-minute experience.

Recommended Ages: Kids aged  4 to 14 years old will experience extraordinary magical moments! ✨🌈


Step right up to the most sensational party experience! Join us for an unforgettable celebration featuring our esteemed scientist, Glen, and his electrifying science Whiz Bang show! Prepare to be dazzled by Glen's comedic flair and unwavering commitment to ensuring every child's party is a triumph! 

 Birthday Party includes: 🎩 Prepare for 60 minutes of mind-blowing science experiments where kids become the stars of the show! 🌟 From bubbling concoctions to gravity-defying tricks, every moment is packed with excitement and discovery!  🚀 With over 30 years of experience, Glen brings boundless energy and expertise to every experiment! 💌Get your Zoum Zoum Party invitations ready for an event they'll never forget! 


The Whiz Bang Science show is an awesome display of things that go boom, bang, whoosh and zoom. Rocket launching, astonishing chemical reactions, maybe some (safe) explosions, unexpected balloon experiments, and a lot of other surprises like a demo of the science of figure skating spins. The experiments and activities are tailored to the age group.


This show can be done outside, but weather conditions can limit the experiments and activities we do.


Please note that this party package has a different refund policy than our other packages. 

Refund Policy

• Refunds are allowed up to one week before the event at no cost. 
• Within one week, 50% of the cost of the show is forfeited.
• Unofficially, I will try to reschedule to another time. I prefer that you
do not mention this to the customer, but you could always say, “Give
Glenn a call. Perhaps he may have some flexibility in his schedule.”