Science Party: Fun Dry Ice show


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Get ready for an epic celebration! 🎉

🎈 Once your reservation is in, keep an eye out for that confirmation email. But hey, if we're fully booked, fear not! We'll reach out within 24 to 48 hours via phone or text to sort it out. So hold off on those invites for just 2 days, okay? We want every detail to be perfect for your big day! 💌

✨ Birthday Party Hosting: 60 minutes of pure scientific wonder!

🎂 Recommended age: 4 to 10 years old 🧪


Get ready for an absolute blast with our mad scientist, Glen, and his mind-blowing science dry ice show! Glen isn't just any scientist—he's a hilarious, dedicated wizard who's all about making your party a roaring success! 🧪🔬

Your Birthday Party includes:

🌈Unforgettable dry ice experiments 
🧠Hands-on activities and brain-bending challenges 
☁️✨A spectacular cloud of dry ice fog that's totally Instagram-worthy 
🔬An energetic scientist with over 30 years of experience! 
🎟️Zoum Zoum Party invitations to set the tone for an awesome day! 



Is it magic or is it science? Spoiler alert: It's science, but it's so mind-blowingly cool, it might as well be magic! Get ready for self-inflating balloons, strange sounds, objects behaving weirdly, and the pièce de résistance: massive clouds of brightly-colored fog that'll have everyone mesmerized. 🎩🌈

Notes: • For maximum awesomeness, a completely dark room is the way to go.  The Dry Ice Show can be tailored to older kids too. 👧👦 •

Outdoor setup? No problem, but weather conditions might shake up our experiments a bit. 🌦️

Please note: This party package has a special refund policy.

• You're covered for a full refund up to one week before the event. 💰
• Within that final week, we'll have to say goodbye to 50% of the show's cost. 💸
• Unofficially, we'll do our best to reschedule if needed. Just give Glen a shout, and let's make some magic happen! 🎩