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Birthday Party Hosting : 60 minutes 
Number of kids : 8 kids
Recommended ages : 5 to 10 years old
Difficulty level for parent : Easy 



Does your daughter love Unicorns with a passion? Does she also like rainbows, glitter and majestic beast that fly? Here is your chance to give her the best party of her life!!! During this awesome party, be ready for some Unicorn activities, glitz and lots of fun! The birthday child and her friends will partake in the coolest Unicorn Party ever!!!


A Unicorn party is not complete without the GLAM!!! One can't go wrong with temporary tattoos make with glitter dust! Every child gets a sparkle tattoo on their arm. The tattoos last from 3 to 7 days and are waterproof! Our sparkle tattoos are hypoallergenic, made in Canada and meet dermatological standards! A safe product for children! All that is left to say is: Let the party begin


The birthday child and her friends have a unique chance to concoct the coolest Unicorn poop in the world! The children create a transparent slime that is immediately transformed into Unicorn poop using scent and sparkle!!! This slime is soft and very fun to play with. Each child receives a container with a lid to preserve their Unicorn poop until the end of time!


This majestic mythical animal that soars through children's imagination leaves in the air a sweet and comforting smell. The young ladies will each create a small vial of perfume made with Unicorn tears extracts!  They will be able to bring home with them this souvenir from the party and each day, sprinkle their fragile skin with this soft and soothing essence!


The party goers will have fun as they watch their little Unicorn be born! With a little warm water and patience, a small capsule magically turns into a little foam unicorn! Children will be happy to bring home their new little companion! 




The girls will be able to entrust their biggest secrets and their funniest stories in their new notebook! This little notebook is well easy to transport and will inspire the greatest stories!


A beautiful headband will coronate the birthday girl on her very special day! With only her wearing this beautiful headband, she is sure to feel 

Zoum Zoum Party is proud to always offer you all-inclusive birthday party entertainment for your child!

See what's included in our Unicorn DIY party box:

  • Zoum Zoum Party invitations (Printable)
  • Quality material to create 4 FUN Unicorn activities with the kids!
  • 1 extra Unicorn item to offer the guests as an extra gift! 
  • Easy for parents to learn
  • Easy to follow instructional videos
  • Easy to follow written instructions
  • A unique and interactive concept with an exciting line-up of Unicorn activities! 
  • Loot bags to put the party goers' creations made during the party

Zoum Zoum Party is happy to be your partner in assisting you with the most awesome entertainment for your child's birthday! 

  • Our AMAZING UNICORN  DIY party box ships the next day
  • Instructions are easy to follow and within 20 minutes you’ll become a certified unicorn party expert presenter!
  • The best set-up is to have the kids sitting or standing around a table
  • For quick and easy clean-up, we suggest you put a disposable tablecloth on your table 
  • This theme is not suitable for kids 3 and under!

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