X-Wing Star Wars Pilot at-home Birthday Party


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Birthday party hosting duration: 45 to 60 minutes

Your child will stay in awe when as he/she meets our amazing superhero X-Wing Star Wars Pilot !

X-Wing Star Wars Pilot at-home birthday party includes:

  • The visit of your favorite character X-Wing Star Wars Pilot 
  • An actor with loads of experience!
  • Amazing quality costume
  • Many different  games and activities for the kids
  • An energetic and professional host
  • Surprises for all the children
  • Zoum Zoum Party birthday party invitations


Our character comes to your home to amaze the kids! As soon as he arrives, X-Wing Star Wars Pilot is in costume and ready for action! In addition to a packed party, the entertainment is enhanced by superb decors and lively music!

Here is an overview of the activities done during the party!


Stormtrooper training

Are the kids ready for an intense hour of high intensity Stormtrooper training? They take part in many activities to train themselves to become Empire Stormtroopers. The kids will then walk in pairs, wearing Stormtrooper helmets and Stormtrooper nerf laser pistols to protect Darth Vader. The kids love the teamwork and the experience of Stormtrooper.


Jedi Training camp

Each child receives a light saber and the training begins. Children learn how to use light sabers and use the Force. Through interactive activities that children love, they learn the basics of the Jedi profession. Once these activities are completed, the children take their light sabers and have the opportunity, one by one, to face the character of Alex. Kids love it and it gives amazing photo opportunities.


Photo shoot with accessories

X-Wing Star Wars Pilot brings 9 different Star Wars helmets and a set of accessories so that the birthday child and his friends can take a real Star Wars photo shoot!


Surprises for all the children

X-Wing Star Wars Pilot didn’t forget to bring a little surprise for all the children! He offers all the children a superhero poster signed by none other than .... our dearX-Wing Star Wars Pilot!!!

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