11 kid's virtual party ideas during COVID-19 and while social distancing

11 kid's virtual party ideas during COVID-19 and while social distancing

Karen MagazzinichApril 16, 20202 comments

The whole world is at a standstill and recommendations don't allow for us to celebrate our children's birthdays! This is a very sad moment for children but there are many things we can do to make the children feel special on the day of their birthday! 

Even if you can't host the big party you had envisioned for your child, you must not skip this occasion! Rather, take the opportunity to be creative and innovative and adapt to our new reality of social distancing. 

Want to be a good virtual birthday party host? Follow our recommendations and we assure you that you will have a fantastic time! After this is over, you will most definitely be able to celebrate with family and friends! 

I am happy to share with you 11 awesome birthday party ideas to celebrate your child's birthday during the COVID-19 and while social distancing. 


1- Contact family and friends and ask them to mail a birthday card

If you are able to communicate with your family and your child's friends approximately one week prior to the big birthday day, you can ask them to mail a special birthday card. On the morning of your child's birthday, he will be able to open all the wonderful cards and feel very special. You can even arrange a video chat with every person who sent a card. Your child will be able to say thank you and talk a little with their loved ones! Virtual birthday wishes will only feel even more special! 

Children virtual birthday party


2- Video montage of friends birthday wishes

Making a video montage will require a little more time and patience! I would suggest you take about 3 weeks before the party to start planning the video montage! You must first contact some of your child's friends and family members and ask them to make a short video with a birthday wish for your child! Once you have received all the videos, you can now create the video montage! You can also use some of the photos you have and include them in. Although this will take more time, the video montage will make lasting memories! As you have your virtual party, you can also show the friend and family the wonderful montage! 

 children virtual birthday party

3- Decorate your house

When we have an actual children's party, we usually have a theme and decorate in that sense. Why not do the same while preparing for your virtual birthday party? Ideally, put more emphasis on a certain area for the decoration, for example, around the table. That way, when you will have the  virtual communications for the birthday, everyone will be able to see your beautiful decorations.  I would also suggest you make the house decorations a surprise! The night before your child's birthday, take some time to decorate the house. When your child wakes up,it will be amazing to see the surprise and happiness in their eyes! 

 Children virtual birthday party

4- The birthday child can choose all meals of the day

Beforehand, ask the birthday child for their ideas of meals for breakfast, lunch and diner. That way, the day of their birthday, you will be able to offer the family the meals chosen by the birthday child! Also, involve the birthday child in the process of cooking! It can be a very special moment to cook with our child. Even if he wants hot dogs for breakfast....why not!!! A birthday comes around only once a year! 

 children virtual birthday party

5- Host a virtual party with friends

While social distancing is a bummer, we are lucky to live in a time when virtual communication is super accessible! There are so many platforms that can be used. Here are a few choices: Facetime, Zoom, Messenger kids, Skype and WhatsApp. Before hand, you should make sure to give your child's friends a date and time to make themselves available for the virtual party. You can even plan a little game or two during the virtual party! Examples of games you can play: Bingo, Mime game, Trivia games, and more! 

 children virtual birthday party

6- Have a professional host a 30 minute party

It is now possible to have a virtual personalized birthday party! At Zoum Zoum Party we have made it possible for your child's favorite character to have a one on one virtual party with him! Spider Man, Elsa, Olaf, clowns, magicians and much more are now available to make your child's day even more special! You can check out all the possibilities right here: Virtual Parties

children virtual birthday party

7- Organize fun games at home for the birthday child

Children love playing with their parents and siblings! What better way to spend the day than to have lots of fun family games! You can easily plan an awesome scavenger hunt, a life size snakes and ladder made with chalk, outdoor trampoline games, and much more! You can even ask the birthday child to chose a special game that he would like to play with his family. 

children virtual birthday party

8- Invent a special birthday song and dance 

Before the special birthday day, have the rest of the family work on a secret project of elaborating a special birthday song and dance for the birthday child. The day of the birthday, the whole family can present their hard work! This is one way to make the birthday child feel so loved. 

children virtual birthday party

9- Host a virtual dinner party with family members

This day is just getting better and better! As you sit to eat your dinner, you can have a computer or IPad nearby and actually eat while talking with other family members such as grand-parents, aunts and uncles and even cousins! This will make for a very fun dinner time!

children virtual birthday party

10- Have a family member send a birthday cake

After dinner, you can indulge in a great desert made or bought by another family member! By having some close ones pitch in, this virtual birthday party will feel like everyone had a little something to do to make this day extra special! 

children virtual birthday party

11- Special living room camping and movies

What better way to end this extra special virtual birthday day then with some cuddling, a great movie and some extra buttery popcorn! Your birthday child will be in awe as his special day dies down. This day will be engraved in all your family's minds for ever! 

children virtual birthday party

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