The ultimate guide for a Toronto Blue Jays kids party theme

The Ultimate Guide For A Toronto Blue Jays Kids Party Theme

Karen MagazzinichOctober 05, 20162 comments

Toronto Blue Jays balloon

Your child is a Toronto Blue Jays fan? You wonder how to organize the most amazing at-home birthday party for him? You will find in this guide everything necessary to organize the perfect party for your child, including invitations, decoration items, activities during the event, birthday cakes and more!

Blue Jays Birthday Party Invitations Cards

The first step is obviously to invite friends. Several websites offer beautiful Blue Jays themed party invitation cards. You will find on Etsy a ton of pretty themed party invitations. Here are some I’ve found particularly nice.

Blue Jays Birthday Party Invitations

Toronto Blue Jays birthday party invitations

Free Birthday Party Invitations

If you prefer free invitations that you can print yourself, not a problem! I haven't found the exact theme of the Toronto Blue Jays, but I've found baseball themes in several places. You will find free invitations to download here:

Baseball birthday party invitation on hubpages
Baseball birthday party invitation on about family crafts

For free invitations that you can print yourself, my first choice is Greetings Island. They offer professional invitation card designs and you can choose to print them yourself or have them printed for a clever look. Here are some of their models:

Baseball birthday party invitations on greeting island

Baseball birthday party invitation on Etsy

My favorite, however, is to transform baseballs into invitations! I found this idea on Notable Nest

Baseball Birthday party invitations on a baseball

Toronto Blue Jays party supplies

The way you decorate the house for your child's party is very important. There is no better start for a party event when guests say "Wow!" when entering the house!

Party City offers great Toronto Blue Jays basic party kits. Good for up to 16 guests, you will only pay $40

Toronto Blue Jays Basic Party Kit

You can also find, at Party City, Blue Jays themed balloons. Its always a nice touch to have ballloons outside your door the day of the event.

Toronto Blue Jays Balloons

By the way, don't feel bad if you use helium to inflate your balloons. It seems that we are not facing a shortage of helium after all. Still, use sparingly as helium is still a finite resource.

Baseball Party themed activities

You will find several baseball party game ideas on this website Queen of themed party games.  Here were my favorite games that I would definitely do with my kids: 

  • Pin the ball on the bat
  • Popcorn, get your popcorn!
  • Batting Practice

A Blue Jays themed pinata is also a wonderful idea for this party theme! I like this particular pinata

Toronto Blue Jays Pinata

Blue Jays themed cakes

If you want to make the cake yourself, I suggest to go for the easy solution: cake toppers. They will make any cakes look great, whatever your baking talents are! Here's the result you might get using this blue jays cake topper I've found. 

Toronto Blue Jays cake

You can also print an edible image you can simply put on the cake:

Toronto Blue Jays cake

I hope you enjoyed my suggestions for an awesome Blue Jays birthday party theme for kids! Don't hesitate to share your ideas or suggestions in the comments section below!

Game on!


Karen :-)

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