Frozen Theme Birthday Party

Frozen Theme Birthday Party

Karen MagazzinichNovember 26, 2015779 comments

This week my little princess Zoe turned 4! It is truly a blessing and a pleasure for me to organise my children’s birthday parties. My sweet angel wanted a Frozen themed birthday and so the planning begun. As usual, I called out a family meeting to brainstorm ideas for the realization of our project. We came up with tons of ideas for a Frozen birthday and completed a list of things we wanted to do! The week prior to the party we all worked hard to accomplish our decorations, games and cake in order to be ready for the big day! Offering Zoe an unforgettable birthday was our motivation. It is also so much fun to include the kids in the preparation of a party. They feel really special that they can help and the event itself has more meaning to them. 

Hoping to inspire you for your Frozen birthday party theme! 



Zoe loved the decorations in the kitchen. When she walked in and saw them she cried out “Mom, this is like Elsa’s castle”. This decoration is super easy to do. All you need are a few dollar store plastic tablecloths and a couple of balloons! 

Frozen balloon decoration


The week before the party my boys William and Nathan worked super hard to make tons of 3D snowflakes. They crafted twelve 3D snowflakes that we hung everywhere in the house.

Here is a link for a tutorial on how to make these wonderful snowflakes:

Frozen snowflakes craft



This is a Frozen version of pin the tail on the donkey. I found a tutorial on how to draw Olaf:

I drew Olaf on a white sheet. Then, William and Nathan took care of cutting it and gluing it on a blue cardboard. I replicated Olaf’s nose on a very orange paper and then cut it off. Blindfolded, the kids had lots of fun trying to place our friendly snowman’s nose at the right place!

Frozen Olaf Birthday Party Games


Zoe is a bubbly little girl! She plays very well with friends and has lots of them! One of her friends is 10 years old and she’s really artsy and loves to do face paintings. When I asked her if she would do some face painting at Zoe’s birthday she said yes without a moment’s hesitation.

Frozen snowflake makeup


I found at Michaels (art supply store) a cute little craft to decorate tiaras. This craft was appreciated by the little princesses and kept them busy for at least 20 minutes!

Frozen craft crown


When I asked Zoe what kind of cake she wanted she immediately told me: “I want a Frozen cake with all the figurines on the cake”. I went on and easily found the Frozen cake toppers. Here is a link where you can find them:

As for the actual cake, I did it myself, a classic vanilla cake. I also made sugar icicles to decorate the cake. I’ll give you my recipe in my next blog.

And here is the final product!

Frozen characters for cake

Frozen theme cake

What a wonderful day we had for Zoe’s 4th birthday! I am so fortunate to have such a magical little girl, two boys who are onboard with all my projects and a wonderful husband who is always happy to assist!

Happy birthday sweetie, mom loves you!

llittle girl with frozen costume

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