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A Birthday Party Planner expert at your service!

Posted by Karen Magazzinich on

Welcome to Zoum Zoum Party’s blog!

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Karen Magazzinich and I am: the voice behind the phone here at Zoum Zoum Party!

Every day I have the chance to talk to lots of parents who are looking for entertainment for their child’s birthday party. I advise you on the best theme for the age and interests of your child, I answer lots of questions, and I offer my advice regarding planning, schedules and procedures for a successful party! I realize that many parents need a helping hand when it comes to planning their child's birthday. We want our children to be proud of their birthday by offering them a day they won't soon forget and, comes Monday morning, we want the kids at school to still be talking about the festivities!

Through my blogs I want to make my expertise as a birthday party planner available to you! I want to help moms, dads and grandparents plan a wonderful event for their loved ones. At 37 years young, I have been in the business of making children laugh and enjoy their birthdays for over 25 years!

As a teenager, my first paid job was as a babysitter. Families for whom I worked were impressed with my imagination, creativity and charisma with their kids. It wasn’t long before parents asked me to lend a helping hand for their child’s birthday and organise different activities to entertain their party guests! What a privilege it was for me to be a part of their special day! This testimony of trust gave me wings and allowed me to move in this direction, a life surrounded by children!

Then, as a university student I found myself working for a scientific organisation and my job was to present scientific workshop for after-school programs, special events and birthday parties. Once my studies completed and my diplomat obtained, I decided to transition to the adult world and open my very own company! You’ve guest it, we did different activities for children and were present in schools, camps and birthday parties! This business flourished and had 10 full-time employees as well as over 50 energetic instructors on the road. Twelve years and 3 kids later and with a very difficult 3rd pregnancy, I open my eyes and realize it was time for me to be more present for my own children. It’s with a heavy heart that I sold this wonderful business in order to search for more flexible work that would allow me more time and proximity with my kids.

At that moment a light went on in my head! I thought to myself: “I can continue doing what I love… I just have to simplify it… I could just concentrate on birthday parties! It is at that precise moment that Zoum Zoum Party was born.

Today I am humbled to share with you another dream, that of offering to as many children as possible a well deserved birthday party! You can count on me to be here to assist you so that together we can organise an awesome birthday party for your child!

Looking forward to assisting you and inspiring you for your future birthday planning adventures!


Karen Kids Birthday Planner's family

Me and my little rascalz during our stay at a family camp! Great times! 

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