Cool Halloween Craft for Kids

Cool Halloween Craft for Kids

Karen MagazzinichOctober 25, 20155 comments

As a mom, I enjoy partnering with my kids' teachers to enhance their academic success. My two boys, William (8 years old) and Nathan (7 years old) attend an alternative school. As a parent in the school, my mandate is to co-educate a one hour project per child every week. I have been doing so for the past 4 years and love being active and present in their school life!

This year, I had the idea of offering the same opportunity to my little Zoe (4 years old) who is in a home daycare. Her educator Roxane is an absolute treasure! She is wonderful with the kids and always willing to try new things. She warmly accepted my idea of coming to the daycare to do fun crafts with the kids.

Our first craft is a really cool Halloween craft!* The kids enjoyed themselves and the final product is stunning! Here is a picture of the result and below, I will explain the steps to achieve this beautiful Halloween crafts for kids! 

Halloween craft


  • One black card stock paper

  • One orange card stock paper

  • Transparent duct tape 

  • Many fall colored buttons (orange, yellow, golden, brown, green) 

  • Orange glitter

  • White glue


1. Print the picture below and cut the outline with scissors. You can copy and paste it on a document and adjust t the size that you want. (If your child is too young, a parent can take care of this step)

Halloween craft 1

2. Transfer the pumpkin drawing on the black card stock paper using a pencil. You can then use a hobby knife or scissors to cut the shape. (If your child is too young, a parent can take care of this step) see image 1

3. On the back of your pumpkin, apply strips of transparent duct tape. see image 2 and image 3.  You must then turn your pumpkin so that the sticky part is facing up. see image 4

4. Give your child the buttons and let their creativity flow! This will give them the opportunity to create the most beautiful mosaics in the world! You can encourage your child to cover as much space as possible within his/her pumpkin, but don't worry if there is a lot of duct tape exposed at the end! Also note that duct tape is incredibly durable. The buttons hold and very strongly and stay on for a long time.

Halloween craft 3

5. Once your child is finished, it's GLITTER TIME!!! Sprinkle the glitter over the pumpkin. This will also help to camouflage the areas not covered with buttons. 

6. Turn your craft so that the buttons are facing down on the table and on the other side apply white glue everywhere on the black card stock paper.

Halloween craft 4

7. For the final step, glue your pumpkin on the orange card stock paper! 

This Halloween craft for kids was a big success! The result is stunning and the craft is perfect for children ages 3 to 99!

Halloween craft 5


 * This craft was found on

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