DIY At-Home Pokemon Birthday Party Ultimate Guide

DIY At-Home Pokemon Birthday Party Ultimate Guide

Karen MagazzinichApril 05, 202417 comments

Pokemon Birthday Party for kids ultimate guide

Since the Pokemon Go app came out this year, everyone is falling again for Pikachu. Kids are no exception! I have been asked many times recently about how to organize an at-home Pokemon themed birthday party for kids. Like for many themes, it really is not that hard. I have assembled here the very best Pokemon birthday party ideas I’ve found all over the web. It will make every step of the birthday party organizing much easier and fun for you!

Pokemon Birthday Party Invitations

First step for every birthday party: invite the friends! Let the guests know that it's going to be a Pokemon themed birthday party with themed invitations. There are so many great free party invitations to choose from! I've found these very nice invitations. click on the pictures to reach the link.

Free Pokemon Birthday Party Invitations

 Pokemon Birthday Party Decorations

Make a great first impressions for the guests by setting nice Pokemon decorations in your house. I suggest you go with this basic Pokemon party kit I have found on amazon.

Pokemon Basic Party Kit

You can also find at Party City a bunch of Pokemon party theme decorations. It's a quick way to make a fast and impressive decor.

If you would like better to make the decoration yourself, you can go for these simple decorations

Pikachu balloon decorations    Pokemon Pikachu Cups    Pokemon Party lantern

To create the Pokemon party lantern, buy regular white paper lantern and follow these instructions to create a Pokemon themed party lantern

Pokemon Birthday Party Activities

So now it's the big day. Everything is set and ready, but what is there to do with the kids?! I have found some perfect activity ideas for a Pokemon Birthday Party.

Find the Pokemons

For this activity, you're going to need to buy a Pokemon poster. The good news, is that it is not so expensive plus it makes a great souvenir for the birthday child.

Pokemon Poster

This activity works a little like where's Waldo. Except, the kids have to find a Pokemon and not Waldo! Since there is more than 650 (there are that many, no kidding) on the poster, kids can spent quit a bit of time on this activity. From my experience, the kids can stay occupied for a good half hour. All you need is a good list of pokemons.

Pin the tail on Pikachu

This one works like pin the tail on the donkey! 

Pokemont activities Pikachu activity Pin the tailPokemon Birthday Party Activity Pikachu Tail

Pokemon Pinata

Pinatas are always a success with kids (I guess it has to do with the fact they're full of candies!).  It's easy to find a Pokemon Pinatas on the web, But you can also try to make a pokemon pinata yourself

DIY Pokemon Pokeball Pinata

Pokemon Birthday Party Cake

I am no professional baker, so when it comes to cakes, i choose simple options! 

One of the most simple way to make an amazing cake is to buy an edible cake topper. I have found many Pokemon birthday cake topper on ebay. Most of them cost $10 or less and you can even have it personalized with your child's name.

Pokemon Birthday party edible cake topperPokemon edible birthday party cake topperPokemon birthday party edible cake topper

Pokemon birthday party loot bags

Pokemon birthday party loot bag

It's already time to go. Did you think about the goody bags? I did! You don't need to fill it up with many items. 2 or 3 great items will make the kids happier than filling it with random items from the dollar stores. Here's what I suggest:

pokemon yo-yo's

Pokemon yo-yo's

pokemon favor cup

Pokemon favor cup

pokemon tatoos

Pokemon tatoos

make cookies yourself!



For even more ideas, you can go on my Pinterest Board DIY Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas


Have fun planning your party!!!! 


Karen :-)


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