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Looking for an at-home party entertainer for your child’s birthday in the Toronto and GTA?

We’ve got a big selection of party themes for boys and party themes for girls. Our party ideas for boys include our Science Party, Magic Party and Slime Party. Our party ideas for girls include all the above-mentioned party themes as well as Dance Party and Girls Party.

Want to spend precious family time with your children during their birthday party? Let our party entertainers take over!

For our themes Science, Slime, Girls Party, Dinosaurs and Unicorn, we service 35km of the downtown core for FREE! If you are further than 35km from downtown, no worries! We come to you with a small travel fee! 

Travel fees for all our other themes will vary depending on the artist selected! 

Important Notice:

In order to ensure a seamless experience during the event, we would like to emphasize the importance of estimating the expected number of children, even if you haven't received final confirmations yet. We highly recommend reserving for the maximum number of guests to ensure adequate availability of necessary materials, especially for any last-minute confirmations.

Please note that we offer the flexibility to adjust the number of children downward without any financial implications. This approach is aimed at ensuring your peace of mind and providing a hassle-free experience. We remain available for any additional information or to assist you further in the planning of your event.

*Prices subject to change
*Additional charges on Holidays