Magician birthday party with KOOL


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🎂 Pro Tips for the Magic Party:

  • Birthday Party Hosting: Get ready for a 60-minute magical experience.
  • Recommended Ages: Magic enthusiasts aged 6 to 12 are guaranteed to have an extraordinary magical time! ✨

🎩 Dive into a colorful and captivating magic show, where both kids and adults will be mesmerized and have the time of their lives! 🎉

In the Magician KOOL animation:

🤹‍♂️ A surprising magic show specially designed for children.
🎉 An approximately 60-minute show filled with surprises and laughter.
🎩 An ultra-dynamic magician with over 15 years of experience, ready to amaze you.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 A show tailored for a group of maximum 20 participants (children and parents combined), for an intimate and incredibly interactive experience.
💌 Zoum Zoum Party invitations to kick off the celebration in style! 🎉


Get ready for a sensational, colorful magic show where the laughter of the little ones resonates as much as that of the grown-ups! A unique moment where everyone will be transported into a fantastic world. Get prepared for a magical adventure with the Magician KOOL! A show that will leave a lasting impression on children's minds. Get ready to be amazed!

 IMPORTANT: our magician will show up a few minutes before the start of your animation for his installation


🎩✨ Ready to be dazzled by a stunning magic show at our event? Here are the details! 🎉

💌 Booking Confirmation: Anticipate a magical celebration with the Magician! Once your booking is confirmed, keep an eye on your inbox for a confirmation email. But if our schedule is full, worry not! We'll reach out within 24 to 48 business hours via phone or SMS. It's like receiving an enchanted message! ✨

🎈 Invitation Countdown: Just wait 2 days before sending out invitations for the incredible magic show! We want to ensure every element is perfectly orchestrated for a magical celebration. The excitement is at its peak! 🌟

Risk-free booking! Refund policy

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