Pokemon at-home Birthday Party with ASH (Montreal and surrounding areas)


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Birthday party hosting duration: 45 to 60 minutes

Recommended age: 4 to 10 years old


 Pokemon at-home birthday party includes:

  • The visit of your favorite character Ash with Pokemon

  • A party host with loads of experience!

  • Amazing quality costume

  • Many different  games and activities for the kids

  • Zoum Zoum Party birthday party invitations


Ash from Pokemon comes to your home to impress the children! As soon as he is in costume, Ash is ready for action! In addition to a busy party, the entertainment is embellished with lively music!

Here is an overview of the activities done during the party!

POKEMON  training

Are the kids ready for an intense hour of POKEMON training? In order to be fully prepared, pokemon stars must be in good shape! Our mascot offers them training that will ensure that the party goers become very strong in order to fight all the bad guys!


Ash will hide 16 Pokemons in the house and the children will have to be good detectives to find them!


With the Pokemons, the children will have to find the strength in them to be able to throw them right on target!

Ash has everything planned! The birthday child and guests will truly feel inside a video game as they enter a championship course! Race, obstacles, and teamwork are waiting for you!


Throughout the party, you will have great opportunities to take a thousand and one pictures of children in action with their favorite mascot! Ash is also always available to give big hugs to the birthday child and their friends!



Ash didn't forget to bring a little surprise for all the kids! He offers all children a personal poster signed by himself!


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